Sigma officially "takes the first shot” in Soc Trang


On October 24, 2020, Sigma's eyes looked brighter than usual when officially signed BOP packages, phase 1 of Soc Trang 7 Offshore Wind Farm in Vinh Hai Commune, Vinh Chau Town, Soc Trang Province. From now, in each person's heart, they know that when the first hammer is hammered at the test pile of the turbine foundation, the journey which brings the breath to the promised “golden land” of Vietnam formally started.

When Sigma's position in the wind power construction sector has been firmly affirmed through the Ben Tre V1.3 Offshore Wind Farm, Sigma’s employees have continued to take on their duties and set out on the road towards Soc Trang. On October 28, 2020, the bus transporting engineers and all necessary equipment stopped the wheel at Noi Bai airport to take a flight to Can Tho city, then moved to Soc Trang, leaving behind a solid back, the hundred-sided struggles to rely on "loved ones".
The journey of the main force Sigma originated from Hanoi, went through the islands, frontiers, plateaus, and remote forests to finally "landed" in Soc Trang, bringing pity, nostalgia and each the breathing of the mainland to bring life to the project in the coastal region of Soc Trang.
In a warm and solemn atmosphere, the morning of November 23, 2020 continued to set a memorable milestone when Sigma successfully organized the new office opening ceremony of the project, with the participation of the Board of Directors and the Sigma employees to ensure the goal of completing progress and maintain the role of BOP general contractor to be ready to conquer new challenges in the wind power sector.

Sigma's main force at Soc Trang 7 Offshore Wind Farm
Officially commenced during the heavy monsoon season in the western coastal region (October to March of each year), the M&E construction at the Soc Trang 7 Offshore Wind Farm faces great challenges. This is the time when professional marine construction contractors avoid going to the sea because of high winds of level 6 and 7 with the intensity of over 10.8 m/s and the large underground waves with continuous intensity during this season. However, due to the commitment on progress when receiving the project, Sigma still mobilizes many modern machines and the burning enthusiasm of Sigma's employees to go to the sea. With the spirit of taking advantage of every second, every minute, excluding day and night, regardless of the favorable conditions, Sigma soldiers on Soc Trang site were ready to start working.
The first images of Sigma in Soc Trang

On November 12, 2020, the first 2000T barge and crane equipment were dispatched to the site to serve the piling at sea on November 14, 2020. Continuously, the crane equipment and barge number 2 3600T landed on 11/27/2020, completed the first test pile on 11/29/2020, and officially opened fire for Sigma milestone in Soc Trang. As expected, Sigma will mobilize more than 107 motorized equipment (machines, excavators, rollers, barges, cranes, pile driving equipment ...) in the peak section for construction. These talking numbers have proved the heat and stature of this key project.
Soc Trang 7 is a large-scale wind farm project in Soc Trang province, with a total design capacity of 120MW, built with 2 phases, on the total surveyed area of ​​3,100 ha. In the year 2020/21, the Employer intends to construct an offshore wind farm consisting of 7 wind energy generators type Vestas V150 with a hub elevation at 96.5 meters above the foundation, with a rotor diameter of 150 meters and a nominal capacity of 4.0/4.2 MW each and all necessary electrical infrastructure to connect the wind farm to the local grid. The nearshore wind farm is to be located in the waters off the Vietnam coast.

With the supply and installation of wind power systems to become the BOP contractor of the project, Sigma is committed to mobilizing large-sized equipment and working at all turbine locations simultaneously. We always put safety, quality and progress on top to complete the first phase of the project together with Soc Trang Energy Joint Stock Company. Sigma's construction works include:
  • Construction of 07 turbine pillars
  • Construction of a bridge to connect sea-to-shore turbines with a total length of 7.4 km
  • Construction of 22 kV transmission line including cable trench route and overhead transmission line from the bridgehead to the plant's transmission station.
  • Construction of the Scada optical fiber communication system from the turbine to the operator (located in the 110 kV transmission station of the plant)
  • Installation of 07 wind turbines near shore
Overview of Soc Trang 7 Offshore Wind Farm project

Barge number 1 specializes in erection of the floor for piling

Acceptance and check parameters of piles before construction

Safety monitoring on barge / Wind speed measurement at site before crane lifting operation

Barge number 2 3600T for pilling work ( Sigma will mobilize additional 06 units when implementing the mass piling work)

The investors and consultants are checking at the site

Until today, Sigma's shirt color has been dyed throughout the construction site in all parts of the country. The peacetime soldiers, with the luggage of experience, bravery and knowledge, accompany their own culture unique to Sigma. Wherever, there is a difference, there is trust and bright smiles. Although the sun on the construction site made his shirt shoulder color fading, even though his hardship was imprinted on his shoulders, his eyes were still shining, his heart still burned with endless building enthusiasm. Sigma soldiers kept shooting and they would win, win and then continue to march ...

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