Sigma Company Trip 2019 - "One Team - One Dream"


Goodbye a little sun, a little wind, a little fresh air immersed in the poetic nature, the Sigma ride has ended its journey, leaving every Sigma member with many sweet feelings, mixed with the regret...

With the approval of the Board of Directors, Organizing Committee of Sigma Engineering organized the company trip for all employees from 9th to 11th August 2019 at “one of the most beautiful resorts in the world” – Flamingo Dai Lai. 

The wonderful natural space was waiting for Sigma family
At 13:30 on 09/08/2019, the Sigma ride was officially rolled in the beautiful, eagerly of all members of Sigma family. Despite being busy, at 13:00, many members were fully present with the smile expressed in their faces.
Before departure time, the members were trying to finish the uncompleted work

The bus filled with joy had stopped at Sigma Head Office

The radiant faces of Sigma members
Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of life, after 2014, 2015 company trip, this is the fourth time that "Sigma ride" has stopped in one of Vietnam’s most beautiful resorts in Vietnam. Each trip brings a different experience of excitement. The trip this year has the presence of more than 300 Sigma members, proving that the scale and development of the company is growing, like a huge board crossing over the sea…

On 9th August, Flamingo Dai Lai reached out the solid arms of the mountain forest, embracing the Sigma people, in harmony with the blue of the sky and the depth of Dai Lai lake, creating a beautiful and lyrical scene.


The eye-catching banners, backdrops welcomed Sigma family to Flamingo Dai Lai Resort
The “Forest in The Sky” in the complex of Flamingo Dai Lai was holding every Sigma member. After the moments of intense work, Sigma people were here to enjoy in the vibrant space of Flamingo, with fascinating entertainment activities such as Palm Pool, Flamingo Babylon, VR Game Park, Legacy Game Center…  
Sigma - "Work hard - Play hard"
This trip of Sigma has a spirit of "One Team - One Dream", to enhance the cooperation, collective spirit, strength of solidarity, friendship among members throughout the company. This year, team building activities were tailored only for Sigma employees. On 10th August, team building took place with the participation of members from many projects across our country:

Team building activities attracted the participation of many Sigma members

The program included many exciting games such as: ranking words; shaping and challenging teammates; leveraging challenge; competitive challenge; a breakthrough challenge; continuous challenge .... with the participation of Sigma members irrespective of age and gender.

Sigma Engineering - The Spirit of Possibilities
After joining, all members feel there is a "bonding", such as connecting every distance between themselves and the members. Teambuilding is not only the activity, but it also shows the high concentration, the team spirit, bringing people together to achieve the "common goal" successfully.
When the Team Building activity was full of excitement, full of Sigma laughter, the Gala Dinner program held on the evening of August 10 brought a warm and emotional atmosphere.

The Board of Directors and the project managers, engineers, site supervisors, all Sigma staff and their kids have attended in the Gala Dinner this year.

Mr. Le Tung Lam - Head of the Organization Board and Chairman of the Union gave a meaningful speech
Mr. Le Tung Lam, Chairman of the Organizing Committee cum Chairman of the Trade Union of the company, made a meaningful opening speech, highlighting the spirit of the whole trip, helping all members to relieve the tension of the daily pressure to enjoy in the breath of nature, renewing energy so that when they return, they will be ready for the challenges that await ahead.
The organizers raised a glass of wine to opening the party
Immediately after the speech, all members of the Sigma family raised the glass of wine, integrating with the joyful music of “It’s my life” song…

In addition to the special and professional dance performances from Carmen dancers, this year's internal music program was a highlight throughout the Company Trip 2019, as an indispensable "spiritual food" in Gala Dinner party, with the desire to tighten the solidarity between the members. From the inland to the distant islands, wherever the sings of Sigma soldiers, dispelling the worries and daily tiredness, easing homesickness; miss the beloved when they were working faraway. It was considered the most effective "calming strength" throughout all time, was a wonderful sounding voice that was played by warm singings on Sigma sites, spread across the North, Central and South.


The spectacular performances as a "homegrown" were represented by the golden voice of Sigma
Opening was the two songs "The far island" and "The night star" came from Sigma “soldiers” on Flamingo Cat Ba Island and Monvenpick Phu Quoc. The lyrics sang up like the confidences that have been stored for so long, could radiate in the most memorable moment of the party night. Next was the "Song of construction" expressed by the voice from Central - Da Nang, "Hanoi faith and hope" with the west of West Lake projects in Hanoi; and the great performance of office employees - "Welcome to Vietnam". Besides, Sigma's singers also sang with solo performances such as "Late Summer", "Soul of Rock", "Reality", ... Special internal music program ended with the song "Holding Hands" from Safety Department, as a firm affirmation of the "One Team - One Dream" spirit of "Sigma Company Trip 2019".

Sigma Engineering - "One Team - One Dream"

Sigma’s 2019 company trip has ended, but the euphoria of the warm, fun and memorable moments will surely remain forever in the heart of every member. Goodbye to the moments of fun, relaxation, Sigma employees now come back to the daily work, ready for the current and the new projects are waiting ahead.

End of the trip, wish each member will be full of energy to continue working together to build the company more and more advanced and go further!

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