Chic-Land Hotel - when the "giant" fashioner made a hotel and the story of Sigma workers


If Giorgio Armani hotel Dubai, Versace Palazzo, Bvlgari resort Bali, ... have recorded a bold imprint of the fashion village on the world's tourist map, then in Vietnam, the answer can only be for Chic- Land Hotel.

Still a story of beauty, style and creativity, but written in the language of architecture and nature, the offspring of this art knows better than anyone else how beauty works to bring a completely different style of enjoyment.

The story between architecture and nature is told by Chic-Land
With an ambition to create an iconic architecture, Chic-Land hotel was created in accordance with its name, with "Chic" - living space greened by plants and flowers, bringing the soul of nation and a trendy, elegant lifestyle. In this context, Da Nang, a young city with dynamism, internationalization and great natural beauty, has become the perfect place for Chic-Land to erect an icon of "Chic" - the sound of the city.

Chic-Land Hotel Danang - the project has officially opened to welcome the first visitors at the end of the second quarter of 2019. Here, Chic-Land is like a great symphony of the connection between people and nature. It appears as a fresh oasis in the beautiful coastal city, with green trees, surrounded by Sigma workers with M&E systems running along, throughout the building.


The Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC systems were installed by Sigma workers
Between the simple and delicate space from rattan and bamboo materials, to the fresh air flow from the skillfully installed air conditioning system between the bamboo walls, visitors will immerse themselves in a relaxing space that is close to nature.

At Chic-Land, each kind of room will bring visitors different experiences like living with the scent of flowers and plants. Some typical rooms are mentioned as:
  • Cuc Tan Room: Cuc Tan is a tree symbolizing the vigor and vitality that the "Chic-land" wants to send, and is also the most grown tree in Chic-Land. Cuc Tan creates the feeling that close to nature.Hidden between the flexible, green trees, is the bedroom light system, wall-mounted air conditioner that sends the stories of Sigma workers who skillfully created.
Each system at Cuc Tan is arranged in a minimalist and luxurious manner
  • The Su Room: On the high floors of the building, The Su stands out when guests fully enjoy the grandeur of Son Tra Peninsula or hide far away as Cu Lao Cham. Whether standing by the window, catching the natural sunlight or immersing yourself in the fresh water by the hot and cold-water system directly pumped, always available 24/24, visitors will feel the joy of being entirety.
The Su room is fully equipped
  • Thien Dieu Room: For travelers who want a "Chic" accommodation, Thien Dieu Room is the perfect choice. Each whisper of the waves, each light of the sunset on the sea will be the clearest evidence here. Each line of light, of the wall-mounted electrical system will be creatively interwoven, providing a wonderful experience.

Thien Dieu room is arranged harmoniously by Sigma
  • Bang Bien Room: When the sun goes down the mountain, the sunset gradually falls, the sparkling electric light told by Sigma will paint a perfect picture. Visitors will feel this even more clearly when watching the central road stretching far across the horizon, with a cup of fragrant tea, to relax and refresh yourself.

Each line in Bang Bien's room is every little story of Sigma worker
  • Phong Ba Room: Each simple, gentle but delicate line was given to the guests in Phong Ba room by the investor. Owning a large, airy balcony and reserved for small families, Phong Ba is the ideal choice for travelers to rest and relax on weekends.

Phong Ba - the room for the small families only

The security systems are arranged throughout, providing a great experience for visitors

The great experiences that Sigma wants to remind must include Chic-Land Lounge and The Spa or Infinity Pool on the top floors of the building.

Chic-Land Lounge runs with the Infinity Pool, under the cool blue water, sparkling like a forest stream, Chic-Land understands the mood of the travelers when coming to the Sky Bar. Bartenders have used the freshest water to infuse each cocktail with a new and unique beverage, helping to dispel all the chaos of life. Strange but familiar, local ingredients will meet all needs, even the most demanding customers.


Sky Bar and lightning systems executed by Sigma
The shimmering, melodious music and fresh air conditioning in The Spa will lead guests to the most relaxed, peaceful and deepest land in the soul. Originating from traditional medicine, The Spa, which is undertaken by Sigma, will provide guests with physical therapy to boost their health more safely and clearly than anywhere else.

The Spa - the place to settle the peace of mind
One of the things that guests are most concerned about when choosing a hotel to stay is the security and safety system. It should be including the fire protection system that Sigma created the perfect works. Each drawing of the fire-fighting and pumping system at Chic-Land has reached a uniform capacity, in accordance with fire protection standards in Vietnam, carefully approved and tested before being put into use.

Although the final handover process has been completed, Sigma is always on duty at the project to guarantee the system, ensuring visitors a great experience.

Chic-Land is considered to be one of Sigma's typical landmarks in the Central strip, in addition to world-class projects such as Four Points by Sheraton, Wyndham Soleil and Marriott. Sigma's stories will continue to be told through new works, Sigma's footprint will conquer new lands to write success stories...

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