Sigma officially established the Renewable Energy Division and holding high-level promotion ceremony


Behind every success story is a silent effort that few people know about. To be known as a leader in the field of M&E, Sigma does not therefore limit its capabilities. We are always ready to commit and face new challenges, and renewable energy is one of the areas that Sigma has outlined its direction in recent times. During a long journey of 30 months, Sigma has excellently assumed the role of EPC contractor of two nearshore wind power plant projects with a total capacity of 30 MW, namely Ben Tre V1-3 Wind Power Plant Project and Soc Trang 7 Offshore Wind Power Plant. With the desire to continue promoting the achievements, on the afternoon of March 28, 2022, Sigma Engineering JSC officially established the Renewable Energy Division and awarded the appointment decision to four senior leaders, with the participation of the Board of Directors, the entire site managers, and project managers.

Sigma officially established the Renewable Energy Division
Faced with the strong commitments of the Vietnamese Government to the international community on reducing CO2 emissions, aiming to bring the balance of CO2 emissions to zero by 2050, The Board of Directors of the Company believes that the Renewable Energy market is a potential field in the near future as well as the long-term future. Moreover, in Vietnam, there are not many experienced domestic contractors who have completed 2 projects with the real role of EPC Contractor, Sigma has been granted Level 2 Certificate for construction activities of renewable energy and in the near future will receive a Level 1 Certificate in this area.

With the basis of market analysis, the valuable experiences that have been accumulated along with the current resources, the mission set for us is to take advantage, promote the experience and continue to develop, continues to dominate the market in this field, making the construction of renewable energy projects a part of Sigma's field, accompanying and supporting the main activity - M&E. Faced with that context, opportunities and challenges, the Board of Directors considered and made the official decision to establish the Renewable Energy Division.

The Board of Directors decided to establish the Renewable Energy Division
 The main duties of the Division are described, including but not limited to the following:
  • Actively in project development and searching market.
  • Actively carry out competitive bidding, domestic and international bidding.
  • After signing the Contract, actively organize the implementation of the project, manage the project from the design stage to the construction organization with the support of the BCMD Department and other functional departments of the company.
  • Responsible for proactively making financial plans, cash flow plans, procurement plans, project implementation schedules for all projects to be implemented in the future.
  • Kinds of projects include but are not limited to Nearshore wind farms, Offshore wind farms, Onshore wind farms, Solar power and other types of projects on other Renewable Energy.

Sigma issued appointment decisions for four senior managers

During 17 years of establishment and development, Sigma has worked, studied, and researched to come up with the most suitable and optimal management model for each development stage. From small scale to large scale, Sigma always tries its best to maintain development, create jobs and stable income for each member.

During the time mentioned above, the pyramidal management model has been selected and operated effectively. This model has the absolute advantage of making the fastest decision on all issues related to the company's operations, employees can easily approach, meet, and discuss with the top management. Easily, the people responsible for the specific tasks of the company are also clearly assigned. In addition, with this model, it is very quick and convenient for customers to approach the company's senior leadership to exchange and make important decisions.

With such absolute advantages, the Board of Directors decided to continue maintaining the pyramidal management model. However, to further promote the inherent advantages of this model, the Board of Directors decided to select those people who have been with Sigma for many years, who have accompanied the Board of Directors for many years, accompanied the Board of Directors in building culture, and managing projects, creating standards and core values of the company, and appointing these personnel to the position of Deputy Director of the company (Deputy Director).

The main tasks of these positions are to continue with the BOD to strengthen and further develop the depth of Sigma's governance, from human resources, procurement, finance, quality, safety, and all other related issues. The goal is to build an increasingly stable and sustainable Sigma, create a playground, a professional working environment, and create stable jobs and incomes for all Sigma members.

With a solid background of knowledge, along with a wealth of experience and solid expertise, excellent personnel appointed to this high-level management promotion include:
  • Mr. Duong Van The - now holds the position of Deputy Director of the Company
  • Mr. Nguyen Cao Long - now holds the position of Deputy Director of the Company
  • Mr. Ta Vu – now holds the position of Deputy Director cum BCMD Manager of the Company
  • Mr. Ha Dung – now holds the position of Deputy Director cum Renewable Energy Manager of the Company

Four members receive decisions to appoint high-level managers

New High-level Management Team (From left: Mr. Ta Vu, Mr. Duong Van The, Mr. Ha Dung, Mr. Nguyen Cao Long)


The new high-level management shared their thoughts after the inauguration ceremony
Speaking to accept the assignment, on behalf of the high-level managers, Mr. Ha Dung expressed his deep gratitude to the Board of Directors and all Sigma engineers and staff for trusting, creating favorable conditions for him during his work, and at the same time committed to continuing to strive to fulfill the assigned tasks in his new position.


The Board of Management raised a glass of wine to celebrate after the ceremony
The ceremony was a great success. Immediately after the ceremony, the members raised a glass of warm wine together to tighten their solidarity, towards an increasingly mature and stronger Sigma Engineering in the field of Renewable Energy and become an address, a trusted brand for investors and partners when looking for a true EPC general contractor!

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