Sigma Company Trip 2022 – Together we build the new future


With the approval of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union of Sigma Engineering JSC organized a company trip for all employees and families from July 6, 2022, to July 10, 2022, at VinPearl Resort and Golf - Nam Hoi An at 19:55 on July 6, 2022, Sigma train officially rolled in the joy and excitement of all members of Sigma family. Right from 19:00, many members were present, their faces were full of joy that is hard to describe in words.

“Hoi An old town with mossy features
Tourists stop by heart fluttering
The sparkling tile house in the alley
Bright lights across the river
Peaceful life without the hustle
A quiet life is still leisurely
Swim gently along the water
Shake off the dew of the rose bush."

- Pha Le - 

Temporarily putting aside, the chaos, confusion, and hustle of daily life, the Sigma train has officially rolled, bringing Sigma's children to the ancient, small, and peaceful urban area called Hoi An. After two years of not being able to organize summer trip under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sigma train was now able to dock in the ancient and poetic land called Hoi An.

Each trip brings a different experience with different excitement. Most of all, this year's trip has the participation of nearly 1000 members, proving the scale and development of the company are growing stronger, such as the train overcoming big waves, going to the sea...



Sigma train officially rolled
On 07/07/2022, VinPearl Resort and Golf - Nam Hoi An welcomed Sigma members in the warm golden sunshine, mixed with the blue of the sky and the jade of the sea, creating a lyrical beauty...


The lyrical scene in Hoi An

Sigma members got off at Da Nang station and moved to Resort

Check-in at Resort

VinPearl Resort and Golf – Nam Hội An welcomed Sigma families

This trip of Sigma carries a strong spirit of "Together we build the new future", with the spirit of gratitude to Sigma's member who have accompanied the company during the past time, and at the same time enhanced cooperation and collective spirit, the strength of solidarity, and friendship among members throughout the company. Teambuilding is part of a series of useful activities that the organizers give to Sigma employees. On July 8, the Teambuilding program took place extremely excitingly with the participation of members from many projects across the country.




Teambuilding activities attract many members to attend
The program includes many exciting games such as overcoming obstacles, walking together, and building the future... with the gathering of many Sigma members regardless of gender and age.
After joining, all the members feel there is a "connection", like connecting all distances between themselves and the members. Not only is a simple team-building activity, but it also shows high concentration, and teamwork, and brings people closer to successfully "finish" together.
Besides, being part of Sigma's non-annual football tournament system but the identity of every summer trip, Beach Soccer is an expected activity of Sigma players. This is an opportunity for the players to have the opportunity to learn, rub and interact, bringing moments of relaxation after a series of extremely stressful working days. On the afternoon of July 8, like the Sigma football tradition, the tournament was a confrontation between two predestined opponents: Mechanical and Electrical.
Under the blazing sun of Quang Nam afternoon, the golden sand along the Vinperl Nam Hoi An beach burns like hot feet for the super classic match Mechanical - Electrical Sigma. Thought that the morning of Team Building activities had worn down the players' fitness, but no, with the color of the shirt and blood on their bodies, they went out to the field with a high spirit despite the weather at the beach ball court at that time around approx. 38˚C. Our boys are not only talented on the construction site, on the grass but also on the sand, they also show their sophistication and strength. The match was fascinating and tense, with constant disputes, and cheers of regret after every shot on the South Hoi An coast.

The missed opportunities and the goalkeepers' excellence pulled the score to a draw throughout the two official periods, forcing the two teams to enter the penalty shootout. And just like the drama and balance of the two main periods, the two electromechanical teams entered the penalty shootout with the balance to each shot. After 15 shots by both teams the score remained the same, when the two goalkeepers' shots ended and there were no more players to take the penalty, our two captains decided the outcome of the super game. The cup is a draw, the two teams are indistinguishable. The players hugged each other to take pictures, show their love for Sigma, and hold hands to rush to the sea, quench their thirst, enjoy their vacation, and save memories on the beautiful beach of South Hoi An.

The confrontation between two charming opponents: Mechanical and Electrical

If teambuilding activities, beach soccer... take place on a beautiful beach full of sunshine and wind, full of Sigma's laughter, then the Gala Dinner on the evening of July 8 will bring a warm and excitement atmosphere.
This year's Gala Dinner had the full presence of the Board of Directors and their wives, the presence of project directors, project managers, engineers, supervisors, and all the office workers and children.
Mr. Satoshi Chida - President of Sigma Engineering Joint Stock Company gave a meaningful and emotional speech, stating the general spirit of the trip, as an opportunity to thank the members who have stood shoulder to shoulder with the company during the difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The summer travel program is like a gift, helping all members relieve daily stress and pressure to immerse themselves in the call of the sea, re-energizing so that when they return, they will be ready for the challenges that are taking place waiting ahead…

Mr. Satoshi Chida - President of Sigma Engineering JSC spoke at the Gala Dinner
Right after the speech, the distinguished guests and all members of the Sigma family raised a glass of wine to celebrate, in harmony with the vibrant music of the song "It's my life"…



This year's cultural program has many unique performances, with the highlight being Sigma's Got Talent. The performances are staged and meticulously invested by Sigma members to honor the love of the country, showing the love of couples such as Your sunshine, Living like flowers, Road to the top of glory, Construction Songs & Night Stars, and Simple Things, etc. bring an eye-catching performance...

Gala Dinner party with special performances, pleasing to the viewers
Sigma's 2022 tour has ended, but the echoes of warm, happy, and memorable moments will surely linger in the hearts of each member. Saying goodbye to the moments of fun and relaxation, employees and staff returned to their daily work, continuing to be enthusiastic, dedicated, and ready for the new projects that are waiting ahead.
At the end of the trip, wishing each member will be full of energy to continue to work together to build the Company to grow, and go higher, and further!

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