The progress and results of the 4th round of the SSOC 2023 football tournament


Although the weather is not very favorable, the matches in the framework of the 2023 SSOC football tournament still take place extremely thrilling and exciting, with spectacular reverses coming from the teams that seem to be at the "under door".

Opening for the 4th round is an early match between M&S - M2. With sublime performance and a series of 3 consecutive wins, M2 is expected to have 1 more victory to consolidate the top position of the SSOC 2023 rankings. But M&S once again showed its envy and predestined relationship with M2. The M&S players played with determination, full of frustration, and had a goal ahead of M2 before the end of the first half. Entering the second half, having to push the team up to find an equalizer made the M2 players receive a second goal after a sharp counterattack by M&S. With nothing left to lose, the M2 players put the entire squad into the opponent's half, but what the M2 players did was only to shorten the score to 1-2 in the last minutes of the game, accept the first loss in the tournament. With 3 more points in this match, M&S players continue to show great progress in this year's tournament.

M2 accepts the first loss in the tournament

The second series takes place between two pairs of matches E2 vs Y-M and Y-E vs M1. On the 1st field, the match that is considered a balance between E2 and Y-M took place with an open attack, both clubs did not hide their ambition to win 3 points in this round. Y-M players were the ones who opened the scoring first, E2 also showed their bravery with an equalizer a few minutes later. I thought that the equalizer would boost the E2 players' spirits and give them an advantage. But in a quick and precise play on the edge, the Y-M players once again took the lead with a shot that didn't give the E2 keeper any chance to save, and the first half ended with the advantage for Y-M. Entering the second half, having the advantage of taking the lead made the Y-M players actively yield to the opponent, playing tight defense and waiting for counterattack opportunities. That tactic worked and the result they achieved was a semi-win to raise the score to 3-1, completely engulfing the spirit of the E2 players. With this victory, Y-M continues to secure a place for a medal match in SSOC 2023, as for the E2 players, they will have to work very hard to achieve a higher rank in this year's tournament.

Y-M overtakes E2 with a 3-1 win

On field 2, M1 players only took the first few minutes to show their strength in this year's tournament with 2 consecutive goals against Y-E. 2 goals quickly seemed to destroy the spirit of the Y-E players, but with the spirit and enthusiasm of the young players in the squad, Y-E calmly redeployed the game. They had a goal to shorten the score to 1-2 and caused a lot of difficulties for the M1 defense in the first half. Entering the second half, Y-E continued to show their desire to get points in this match with situations of stopping and missing the opportunity to equalize regretfully. On a day when the attack of both clubs was underpowered, they could not have one more time to penetrate the opponent's net, the match ended with a hard-fought 2-1 victory of M1 over Y-E.

M1 won hard against Y-E

The focus of the 4th round is the final series with 6-point matches, greatly changing the situation of the table between E1 - S and E3 - M3. On stage 1, the highly anticipated match between E1 and S received great cheers from the fans. True to the nature of the match, the two teams played a tight match, fierce disputes took place all over the field, and not many clear opportunities were created by the strikers of both side. In a very good corner kick, E1 suddenly got the goal to take the lead. Conceding the first goal, the Safety players were forced to launch their formation to attack, and they had to receive a second goal after a very sharp counterattack from E1, entering the break with a difficult two-goal gap. The turning point of the match began in the second half, with tactical changes and reluctant substitutions due to player injuries, E1 lost its inherent rationality as in the first half. They let the Safety players push into the home field, digging deep into the flanks with speedy side attacks. Having to receive 2 goals quickly at the beginning of the second half to bring the score to a 2-2 draw, the E1 players had to raise their squad to find a goal to win all 3 points in this match. But in a day of physical loss, plus the very high morale of the young players on the Safety side, E1 had to receive 3 more goals in the remaining minutes of the second half, letting the opponent complete a gritty comeback. Safety once again showed its fearsome strength and bravery in SSOC 2023.

Safety had a comeback with a 5-2 victory over E1
On field 2, both E3 and M3 entered the match with great determination to win the first points in this tournament. M3 entered the game better with a 1-0 lead very early. E3 also showed the determination and desire to get points in this match with the ball threatening the M3 goal in a row and the result they received was a 1-1 equalizer before the end of the first half. Entering the second half, when the players could no longer maintain their physical strength and concentration as in the first half, M3 was under tremendous pressure from the E3 strikers and they received 2 more goals, accept the defeat and a bitter comeback with a score of 1-3 against E3 club.

Below are details of the scores, ranking after round 4 and the schedule of 5th round of SSOC 2023 football tournament:

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