Sigma Champions League Final 2022: When the throne is officially named the E1 Club


Joining the beat with the biggest football tournament on the planet, the heat of the SCL 2022 football tournament is equally thrilling and surprising after 3 months of exciting competition. All the first pairs are the encounter between M&E, bringing a lot of emotions to Sigma football fans after 2 years of delay due to the pandemic. With the top players of the season, the fiery final called out the two most worthy names of the S and E1 tournaments on the afternoon of December 11, 2022, at Lang Bang B Stadium, Linh Dam, Hanoi.

Opening the series of final round matches are two pairs of games to determine 7th & 8th place between M&S - M2 and 5&6 position between E3 - M3. On field number 1, having to kick early under mild sunny weather, the E3 and M3 players chose to play slowly. Therefore, there are not many opportunities created by the two teams. The fans had to wait until the end of the first half to celebrate M3's goal. Continuing the psychological momentum, M3 got another goal to seal a 2-0 victory over E3, taking 5th place overall.
On the 2nd field, the match with the meaning of "apron prize" brought indescribable emotions to the audience. M&S was more dominant at the beginning and had an early goal. But M2 seemed to wake up in the middle of a coma and scored 4 consecutive goals at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second half, 4 "punches" seemed to break the spirit of the M&S players. When the audience and the players thought of an easy comeback for M2 then M&S proved that it was not lucky to knock down the big boys in the previous rounds. They scored 3 goals in the last minutes, dragging the match into a brain-dead penalty shootout. On the penalty spot, when the bravery could not overcome the pressure of the pitch, M2 became the "real chefs" and accepted a 4-5 defeat, the two clubs parted SCL-2022 with dedication, drama, and emotional match to the fans.


The match between M2 and M&S brings a lot of emotions to the fans

The 5-6th place match between E3- M3
Then, another great war for the bronze medal SCL 2022 between the two groups of Mechanical and Electrical: M1 and E2 on the 1st field. With an impressive performance to win 2 tickets for 3rd place, this promises to be an exciting event. It was a tense and dramatic match. M1 with a younger and more enthusiastic squad could impose an offensive position against E2. They also achieved what they needed was an early opening goal. Continuing the excitement, the M1 players had consecutive goals before allowing E2 to regain an admirable goal in the last minutes of the match. Ultimately, winning and winning the bronze medal promises to motivate the young M1 players next year.


The confrontation between M1 and E2 with the victory belongs to the footballers of M1
Finally, the battle for the championship trophy of the tournament. There is only one gold cup, and the highest position will be given to the deserving person. Consecutive consultations before the match, to devise the most reasonable strategy, as well as to find the most favorable path to the throne.

The fiery confrontation between E1 and Safety
The most anticipated match of the SCL 2022 season took place after a solemn national anthem ceremony. E1 faced Safety in a match where they knew each other too well, 2 legendary opponents, and many predestined relationships. Given the importance of a final, both teams unleashed their brightest stars. The match was tense from the first minutes with caution always on top. S was the team that had a chance with the first opposing goal kick of the game. The E1 players with more age, experience, and bravery still calmly neutralize the attacking situations of S. Whatever comes must come, in a ball handling the error of the central defender on the S side, E1 quickly took the opportunity and opened the scoring of player Nguyen Van Dat. Having the lead goal, E1 actively gave way to S and waited for counterattacks. When he could not find an equalizer, S had to receive a second goal from the counterattack and sharp slit of player Ta Duc Canh on the E1 side. The first half ended with a massive advantage for the E1 club. Entering the second half, E1 continued with the initiative to kick slowly, and firmly and give way to the opponent. While working hard to find a goal to shorten the score, Safety received the third goal after facing the goalkeeper and crossing the corner from Tran Ba Minh. With such a big gap, S was unable to turn the tide and only got himself an honorable goal in the final official minutes of the match. 7 minutes of injury time passed, the referee's final whistle sounded, and the E1 players hugged each other to celebrate the victory for the championship that they had to wait 4 years to achieve. Safety has not been able to successfully defend the SCL trophy, but with the stars in the squad, they will still be a considerable challenge for the club next season.

The bronze medals were awarded to the guys from M1 Club

The Runner-up of SCL 2022: Safety Club

The Trophy has officially found its owner: E1 Club

 The 2022 SCL football tournament ended when officially named the owner of the prestigious gold cup: Club E1. At the same time, the closing ceremony and individual awards ceremony also took place successfully and beautifully with a lot of love and attention from the audience, closing with color and meaning.

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