Sigma opens the football tournament of Sigma Spring Open Cup 2023


Spring - there are no beautiful words to describe the beauty of the first season of the year, when heaven and earth put on new clothes and all things sprout. Spring is like a love wire connecting, pulling the earth and sky closer together. With the senses and vibes, each Sigma member listens to spring in his own way, so that with his earnest and vibrating heart, Sigma's spring never goes to waste during the football tournament. The Sigma Spring Open Cup (SSOC) 2023 competition of Sigma Engineering JSC was once again held at the beginning of the new year, every spring.

This tournament continues to affirm the growth of the sport movement throughout the Company as well as show the spirit of hospitality to partners and friends - Yurtec Vietnam and has become a very useful and meaningful activity, a big sports day for each member of the Company. 

Sigma Spring Open Cup 2023

In a warm weather, the spring love song was officially performed on March 12, 2023, at Bang B Stadium, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai, Hanoi. This year's tournament is more special, when adding 2 new teams from Yurtec Vietnam Co., Ltd., bringing the total number of participating teams to 10 teams: E1, E2, E3, MS, M1, M2, M3 , Safety, YVN – M and YVN – E. With a strong pre-season transfer, the matches in the framework of SSOC 2023 promise to bring fans many surprises.

The SSOC 2023 football tournament officially opened at 13:15, but right from 12:30 pm, many spectators and fans gathered at Bang B Stadium to watch the classic matches within the framework of the tournament. 

The opening ceremony of SSOC 2023

Mr. Nguyen Quang Ngoc - The General Director of Sigma gave the opening speech of the tournament

Mr. Nguyen Duc Hau (Safety) read the oath

10 teams took the photos before entering the matches

The opening match was a friendly match between E1 and YVN – M. Right from the 5th minute of the match. In a situation of pushing to attack, the god of luck did not smile at the conductor Nguyen Quang Ngoc when the football rolled on the goal line, but the goalkeeper of YVN – M quickly saved, the team then quickly stepped back and then pushed forward to attack, brilliantly turned the situation around and scored 1 goal in the net, scoring the first goal of the opening match.


The main match of the tournament: E1 and YVN – M
With certainty and solid courage, YVN - M quickly saved a goal for the away team. Followed by quick and quick attacks. Hoang Long from E1 then also turned the opportunity into a goal, equalizing the score 1-1.

E1 excellently overcame YVN - M with an overwhelming score of 4-1

The second half of the match passed, when taking advantage of the opponent's weakness and the fitness of YVN - M getting worse and worse, E1 excellently raised the score to 2-1. And then, the left foot of player Tran Vinh Nam continued to “speak”, with a goal against the opponent to raise the score to 3-1. Player Hoang Long then continued to score more goals, to close the match with a score of 4-1 in favor of the boys in white.

The second series took place between YVN - E and Safety on the 1st field and E2 - M2 on the 2nd field. With the difficulties that YVN - M created against the E1 team, many fans believe that YVN – E will create the first surprise of the tournament. But with a lineup of many stars and seasoned experience in Sigma tournaments, S did not give YVN – E players many opportunities, they dominated the game, and had consecutive goals for themselves, ending the match with the overall score of 6-0 against YVN – E. S showed fearsome strength in this tournament, and YVN - E they had a devoted match, did not give up and gained a lot of experience for the following rounds.


The confrontation between Safety and YVN - E with a convincing 6-0 victory in favor of the red shirt team
On the 2nd field, having to meet a nasty opponent through the seasons, M2 in the opening match, partly made the E2 players' legs heavier. True to the scenario of previous seasons, E2 continuously let the opponent score the lead with a difference of 2 goals in both halves. The goal to shorten the gap to 1 goal in the last minutes of the game only lit up a ray of hope for E2 but could not help them get points on the opening day, receiving a regretful 2-3 defeat against M2.
M2 won 3-2 against E2

The third series is the internal battle of Sigma teams, when the Yurtec VN teams have played and have not won favorable results. On field number 1, with the same framework from last season and a quality addition to the striker position M1 club did not face many difficulties before E3. They dominated, got themselves consecutive goals and ended the match with a 6-0 victory overall, showing formidable strength in this year's tournament against the electric teams. E3 needs to get back on their feet for the next stage of the tournament after what it showed on opening day.


M1 defeated E3 to bring back the first 3 points in the rankings

The field next door witnessed a big surprise on the opening day of SSOC 2023. With a squad that lost many important pillars before the tournament and was rated much lower than M3, M&S players played sublimely, full of bravery and won 2-1 against M3 in the end, creating the first shock of the tournament. Someone once said about the boys from M&S: “M&S strikers are like stars. They come and go. But those who stay are the ones who shine.”, and indeed, the M&S strikers have done this.

M&S created a "big shock" when it defeated the "orange whirlwind" M3 team

The opening match of the SSOC 2023 tournament ended with many surprises, suspense and tension. We believe that the continuous development of the tournament will promote the mass sports movement, the health training movement, and meet the needs and aspirations of officials and engineers in Sigma company and create an atmosphere of exciting competition, the spirit of exchange, learning and mutual understanding between the company's officers and engineers.

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