Summary of developments and results of the last round of the football tournament SSOC 2023


Round 5, the last round of the first leg ended with unpredicted results. The happenings and scenarios of the matches seem to only happen in blockbuster movies.

In the first series of matches, the meeting of the two M3 teams with Y-E is considered a confrontation against the table, both clubs are eager to bring home the first victory in the tournament. Y-E with a younger and more determined squad soon had a goal to take the lead. Continuing the excitement, the young players of Y-E got a second goal before the first half ended, bringing a great advantage when entering the break. Entering the second half, with the mentality that there was nothing left to lose, the M3 players put all their forces into the attack, which also opened an open attack for both clubs. M3 had a goal to shorten the score to 1-2, just a few minutes later Y-E had a goal to double the difference. The chase for the score was tense until the last minute. M3 will surely regret a lot with the situation where the shot hit the opponent's post in stoppage time, accepting a close 3-4 defeat to Y-E.

The 2nd series of matches took place on both courts with matches E1 - M2 on field 1 and E2 - S on field 2. On field number 1, with being left quite far from the top of the following rankings. In round 4, the E1 players entered the match with a must-win mentality to continue to raise hopes for higher positions. The opening whistle started, E1 players had gathered the squad to attack and overwhelm M2 from the first minutes of the game. Defensively, there were not many spaces and opportunities to play, M2 only lasted the first 10 minutes before receiving 2 goals very quickly within a few minutes of play. Unexpectedly at the end of the first half, in a defensive error phase of the E1 defense, the M2 players had a goal to shorten the score to 1-2 and create hope for an open game in the half. 2nd match. Entering the 2nd round, the attacking game was still created by E1 players. As a result, E1 has 2 more goals to end the match with a final score of 4-1 against M2, surpassing M2 itself in the SSOC-2023 standings.


The confrontation between E1-M2 with the victory in favor of the guys in white
On the 2nd field, the encounter between E2 and Safety is a very difficult confrontation for E2 compared to the performance before the 5th round of both clubs. The match took place in a tight, calculated match between both teams. E2 chooses a defensive kick to counter-attack, waiting for mistakes from the opponent. Reasonable tactics helped E2 have an early goal in the first minutes of the game, pushing the Safety players into a position to raise the squad to find an equalizer. But before the equalizer, S once again let E2 double the lead after a sharp counter-attack. Being 0-2 in the first half hit the pride of the S players, and at the start of the second half, S cornered the entire team into the opponent's yard. In a day of excellent performance of the goalkeeper as well as the old age of directing the defense of one of Sigma's veteran center-backs of football - Nguyen Van Do, E2 completely neutralized the attacking balls coming from the feet of the Safety players. Not only that, but E2 also scored the final goal of 3-0 at the end of the second half, bringing the biggest shock to the 5th round of SSOC-2023.

In the 3rd series of matches, on the 1st court, Y-M players with better squad quality pressed E3 right from the opening whistle, and a great advantage when Y-M opened the scoring in the second minute of the match. The early goal did not make the E3 players flinch, they calmly shocked the squad and deployed an offensive game. The two teams fought fiercely until the end of the first half with the 1-goal advantage remaining for Y-M. Entering the second half, it was still the same balance as the first half. In a counter-attack situation and enjoying a direct free kick right in front of your team's penalty area, E3 had a very good free-kick situation, the 1-1 equalizer was a worthy result for the efforts from the start of the game for the E3 players. In the remaining minutes of the game, both E3 and Y-M accelerated the pace of the match with the desire to find more goals, but what both clubs could do was just unfortunate missed situations, accepting points in this round.


E3 drew Y-M with a score of 1-1

On field number 2, with current performance and only having to host M&S in this round, many predict that this will be an easy match for M1 players. As expected, the M1 players with their familiar attacking style completely overwhelmed and dominated the game, they had 2 goals and led M&S with a score of 2-0 before entering the break. Entering the second half, still implementing the old kick, M1 continued to have a goal to raise the score to 3-0. It seemed that this goal would destroy the spirit of the M&S players, but with a timely tactical adjustment, the M&S boss launched a strategic card - foreign soldiers from the country of the rising sun Atsushi Takeuchi. After entering the field, Mr. Takeuchi caused many surprises for the opponent's defense with 1 goal and 1 assist, helping M&S shorten the lead to 2-3 against M1, helped M&S shorten the score gap to 2-3 before M1, creating excitement and hope for M&S players. But with the bravery of the team at the top of the table, in the remaining minutes of the game, the M1 players focused, regained the spirit, and scored the final score of 4-2 in the last minute of injury time, continuing to keep the winning streak and the No. 1 position in this year's tournament. Despite losing the match, this is a very good and very emotional match from the M&S players, promising that they will create more surprises in the following rounds.

M&S suffered defeat when facing the guys from M1

Here are the results, rankings after the last round of the first leg and the schedule for the next round:

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