The Final of Sigma Spring Cup 2018 – The “dream” confrontation between M & E


Every fun will have fade, the tournament or how many will come to an end. On Sunday 06/05/2018 recorded a memorable milestone in the history of Sigma football when the confrontation between M&E is not only tense but also attractive.

Sigma Spring Cup 2018 is an important event, which takes place every spring. The tournament was organized to confirm the movement of physical training and sports in the company. It became a meaningful activity and a big sport festival of each member of the company.
Officially kicked off on March 11th, 2018, after more than two months of exciting competition, it can be said that the SSC 2018 football tournament has been held successfully. Eight teams of more than 200 engineers from the company's projects have gone through 32 fierce matches with a lot of good performances, beautiful games, dramatic situations and impressive goals. On the afternoon of 06/05, with the full convergence of " vantage of circumstances, the location and human" the final rounds of the season was extremely dramatic and charismatic.
First was the 7th prize competition between E2 and E4. Even young teams, however, in the group stage, the two teams have created extremely sweet performances for the fans. With a physical advantage, from the very first minute, E4 created a dangerous shot threatening the E2 goal. However, the advantage was not maintained when E2 immediately counterattacked with a fierce open the score for the match and continued to raise 2-0. A series of dangerous opportunities was created later, E4 had a response to raise the score to 2-2. In the following minutes, E2 scored two more goals and raised the score to 4-2. This was also the final score of the match.

The seventh prize of the SSC 2018 belongs to E2
At the same time, the match between the two teams M2 and E3 was held. The players of the two teams competed very bravely and the chances were equally divided when each team brought a goal in the first half. M2 continued to raise the score to 2-1 and this is also the final score of the match, helping M2 win the 5th prize.


M2 passed E3 to win the 5th prize
Shortly thereafter the confrontation between the Red Imperial Guards- Safety and the Orange Cyclone – M3. As the defending champion of the SSC 2017, this year's Safety had a regrettable false, losing the ticket to the final. However, in the race for the bronze medal, Safety still proved his bravery when competing with the M3. At the beginning of the first half, Safety pushed the team up close to the M3. During the whole match, both teams showed very good personal techniques and created the dedicated performance. Goalkeeper M3 successfully saved the goals for his team. Although very good keeping the goal, close to the end, the bravery of Safety has been demonstrated in just two minutes, Safety scored three consecutive goals into the opponent net. In the following minutes, the Safety striker continued to break through the net with a goal to finish the match 4-0. The third prize competition ended with the bronze medal of the red boys.

The beautiful goals of the "Red Imperial Guards"
The most anticipated was the dream battle between M1 and E1. As the two opposite extremes in Sigma football, E1 and M1 are full of experienced grass pitchers. Before the confrontation, each manager has the own special strategies to conquer the trophy of the season. In the fine weather, the first minute of the battle passed with the E1's goal, but the answer was “flabbergasted” when M1 striker immediately launched a dangerous shot to open the score for the match. Just a few minutes later, M1 increased the score to 2-0 with another surprise shot. The situation became more attractive when the striker E1 scored a double goal into the opponent's net, increasing the score 2-2 at the end of the first half. In the second half, a series of dangerous runs were created and the opportunity was once again divided equally for both teams but none of the teams could take advantage of this to score more goals in the two official matches. Matches must be determined by a series of penalty shots. Finished eight dramatic penalty shoot-out, M1 overcame opponents with a 10-9 final score to mark his name on the gold trophy.

The ceremony of the finals between two big guys: M1 and E1

Great shot and the celebration of M1 guys

E1 soon had the equalizer

M1 overtook E1 after eight penalty kicks

Finally, the new owner of the SSC 2018 season has officially been named. The glory and warmth of spring touched the hearts of the M1 guys. Closing ceremonies and individual awards also went well with a lot of affection and interest from the audience, closing a colorful and meaningful season.

The portrait of third-prize team: Safety

Runner-up of the SSC 2018: E1

The new champion of the SSC 2018 season: M1 


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