Officially opening Sigma Engineering Sports Festival 2019


Derived from the aspirations of many engineers; employees at offices and projects, with the goal of maintaining and promoting the physical training and sports movement, and building a healthy lifestyle for employees throughout the company;  for the first time in the history of the Sigma Champions League (SCL), the Sigma Engineering Sports Festival was officially opened on September 15, 2019 at Bang B Stadium, with many new and attractive points.

SCL is considered as the most expected tournament and the largest tournament of the year at Sigma.  2019 is a special year, because not only is the football tournament but it is also adding a new sport, highly competitive, dramatic competitions - called: Men's push-up competition.

The program was officially started at 1.30 p.m., but right from 12.30 p.m., many members were prepared for the competition.  Participants in the sports festival include all men aged 23 to under 60, working at Head Office, projects in the North and other distant project members to attend the SCL 2019.

The rules of Men's Push up competition are divided by age groups, with the following criteria:

Despite being in different age groups, with different requirements set out, during the competition, all members were always tried their best, with the desire to give the best effort to the game.

ush up competition with the participation of male members, divided by each age group
Continuing the program was a subject that many sports lovers at Sigma expect: Football.  Unlike the Spring Cup tournament which was a battle between the two extremes of Mechanical - Electrical, this tournament will be a long-running battle between all teams.

This year, it will have been a major change in the structure of the tournament when E3 & E4 merged into one E3 team.  Along with that, the establishment of Maintenance & Service (M&S) club led by Mr. Pham Ngoc Hieu will promise a season with many interesting and unexpected developments.


Eight teams with their own characteristics were clearly shown on Bang B stadium

Eight teams celebrated the flag

Sigma conductor -  The General Director Mr. Nguyen Quang Ngoc delivered the speech in an opening ceremony of the tournament


The teams took the photos before entering the matches
Opening for the series was the match between the two rivals of Sigma football in recent years, named Electrical 1 (E1) and Mechanical 1 (M1).

As experts have said, these are the two leading candidates for the 2019 championship. The two teams entered the match with attentiveness for their opponents when the two teams were almost too understanding the opponent's kicking style.

The first minutes, E1 was the initiative on the field when creating some dangerous opportunities on the M1's goal but this team didn’t specify the advantage. On the other hand, M1 also caused some hazardous situations in front of E1’s goal. In the 20th minute of the match, in a very aggressive attack on the right wing, E1 took the lead with the goal of young player Le Hoang Long. The first half ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of E1.


E1 beated M1 with an overwhelming score: 4-1
Entering the second half, the two teams threw their strongest players into the field to find the goal. However, only E1 took advantage of their opportunities when consecutive goals were increased by the gap.
The match ended with a score of 4-1 in favor of E1.

Next is the confrontation between Safety and M3. The “red eagles” confronted the “orange cyclone”, always bringing eye-catching performances for the football fans. 

In the 17th minute of the first half, M3 led to Safety with a score of 1-0 with a precise shot from the young man wearing No.15 shirt. Dangerous disputes lead to injuries for both teams, but not so that the fighting strength appears to be reduced. At the end of the first half, in a preliminary minute, “Safety boss” - Le Tung Lam had a goal to level the score 1-1 for the match.
Safety - M3 ended with a score of 3-3
In the beginning of the second half, the power of the red eagles was still promoted with one more goal, raising the score to 2-1. Shortly thereafter, a mistake of the red team had to pay with a penalty in the penalty area, so M3 took advantage of the opportunity to equalize the score 2-2. 53 minutes, in a quick counterattack, striker wearing No.6 shirt from M3 has launched a precise shot to take the lead with the score 3-2.
It can be said that during the opening match, the confrontation between M3 and Safety was the most controversial, when the number of yellow cards was divided equally for both teams. In the last 3 minutes of the match, Safety - the soldiers who did not fail were leveled 3-3 to officially end the match in a balanced manner.

On the opposite field, there was the appearance of a young team M&S and E3. As a young team wearing black, everyone can see the determination to earn all 3 points of this team. Despite trying the best effort, in an opening minute of goalkeeper M&S, E3 launched an impromptu shot, opening the game 1-0 for the match. In the 20th minute, E3 continued to prove its experience in the field, competed to dominate the "junior", continue to score more goals to make the score 2-0.

M&S was defeated by E3 with the score: 3-0
In the second half, the M&S goalkeeper had to go into the net to pick the ball again when the striker wearing the blue E3 shirt continued to score to lead the match with 3-0. This ratio was maintained until the end of the game when after many great efforts, the young M&S team failed to score a goal.

The final was the confrontation between E2 and M2. 5 minutes of the match, striker No.7 of the E2 team brought back a valuable goal, opening the match for the team. That appreciated goal added strength to the team, and then less than 5 minutes later, E2 continued to score in the opponent's net, increasing the score to 2-0. The first half went through stress and suspense. In the final minutes of the match, M2 had a spectacular leap, leveling 2-2 for the match.


M2 surpassed E2 with a close score: 4-3
By the second half, E2 had another answer with an extra goal scored into the opponent's net. It seems that everything has ended with the victory of the yellow shirt team, but "the football is full of surprises" is like that. Despite being in the lead, the M2 players didn’t flinch. In the last minutes of the match, they scored 2 goals in E2 before being surprised to win a convincing victory: 4-3.

The opening match of SCL 2019 has ended with many surprises, suspense and tension. We believe that the continuous development of the tournament will promote the sports movement of the military, contributing to improving health, meeting the needs of physical training and sports of engineers in the whole company and creating a lively atmosphere, the spirit of exchange and learning, mutual understanding between members.

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