Final rounds of SSC 2019: Dramatic confrontation between the Brother of Mechanical group and the Soldier of Electrical group


So, Sigma Spring Cup football tournament 2019 has gone through 32 matches of the qualifying round with many exciting happenings. The last two names were announced for the dream final: E1 and M1. Will M1 keep the position of the champion or E1 will reclaim the debt from the SSC football tournament 2018? All questions would be answered in the final series and the closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon, May 5, 2019 at Bang B Stadium, Linh Dam, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi.

Opening the final round was the 5th prize competition between the boys in yellow-blue shirt and the red imperial guard. Due to the previous heavy rain, the ground became slippery, two-team players were somewhat unfamiliar with the pitch, so it was somewhat stunned and staggered.  The history of the previous confrontation at the opening ceremony of SSC 2019, Safety surpassed E2 with a score of 5-0. Will the debt be paid or E2 continue to save it to the next season?
The confrontation between E2 and Safety team
The first 5 minutes of the game, the pace of the game was still slow as the style of both teams. However, only 10 minutes later, with the accurate pass, Le Hoang player opened the score 1-0 for E2. The captain of Safety team decided to go down as a goalkeeper to manage the squad. As fast as a deer, a foul from E2 team helped Safety team enjoy a penalty to equalize the score. The next minutes, the peace of game was accelerated but both teams could not take an advantage to make a score. Mr. Trung Kien -E2’s former striker has now joined Safety team to raise the score to 2-1 in the 23rd minute of the match. Less than three minutes later, Phung Van Diep of Safety team had a goal-keeper cut to raise the score to 3-1. E2 had an accurate quick serve to shorten to 3-2. The fast counterattack on the right then helped E2 equalize 3-3, ending the first half of the match.

During the second half, E2 player continuously took advantage of opponent team's mistake to score 2 consecutive goals in less than two minutes, raising the score to 5-3. Safety's loose crafts pushed the team to taste the defeat when conceding three consecutive goals in just 20 minutes, pushing the score to 8-3, ending two official rounds.
E2 defeated Safety with an overwhelming 8-3 ratio

The first season's debt was finally paid in the heart of the red imperial guard.

The opposite ground was the seventh prize competition between E4 and E3 team. Although not really creating many highlights, the two electrical team have had dedication performances for the audience.

The match between E4 and E3 is considered as a balance of ability and strength

Over the first 20 minutes of the match was a constant dispute between both teams but could not turn the advantage into a number. By the 26th minute, the “black horses” finally found their way into the opponent's net to raise the score to 1-0. However, only a few minutes later, E3 also had their own answers when creating a 1-1 equalizer. This partly demonstrates the ability of the two teams to balance in the first half of the match. E4 took advantage of loopholes in the 37th minute of the match, bringing the score to 2-1. By the 42nd minute, E3 saw a mistake of the opponent’s goalkeeper to equalize 2-2. The last minutes of the quarter ended in a struggle. E4 proved their strength when they scored two goals later while rival E3 scored just one more goal to fix the final score 4-3.

E4 surpassed E3 with a close score: 4-3
Shortly after that, the bronze medal match between the “orange cyclone” M3 and the yellow shirt team - M2. Right from the beginning of the game, the fierce attack belonged to the “cyclone” as it continued to play hard. By the 15th minute, M3 made a mistake by letting the ball touch their hands, giving M2 an indirect penalty. However, M2 had not taken advantage to score goals. Next was the quick counter-attack of M3 team but it could not open the score for the match. Five minutes later, in an opponent's fault, M2 had an attack from the right wing to score the goal, opening the score 1-0 for the match. But only until the 28th minute, M3 immediately defeated the opponent to balance 1-1. This ratio was maintained until the end of the first half of the match.

Bronze medal competition: M3 and M2

Coming into the second half, M2 immediately rushed up against the opponent and launched shots into the goalkeeper of M3 but the ball still did not reach accuracy. The bronze medal match entered a series of penalties when no team scored any more goals in two official rounds. Ten minutes break helped the two teams regain their spirits.

M2 team kicked the penalty first, starting with a successful shot from Dinh Thuong manager. M3 then flinched so the shots after that became inaccurate. M2, although it was hard, the shots finally found their way into the opponent's net, ending a penalty shootout 4-2 and winning the bronze medal of the tournament.


M2 defeated M3 through a series of penalty kicks to get the bronze medal of the tournament

The most anticipated was the dream confrontation between the big brother of the two Mechanical and Electrical groups E1 and M1. Will the king of spring 2018 continue to write his name on the gold cup or will the generals conquer the warmth of spring?


3 minutes into the game, M1's Van Cong scorer created a dangerous shot into the E1 goal but the excellent E1 keeper successfully blocked it. "Assassin scored" Kien Thanh was tightly sealed from the beginning of the match while teammate Tran An was forced to make mistakes by speed and experience.

 E1 players are constantly being closely tied
With full fitness, E1 kept on attacking and created a dangerous shot throughout the next few minutes but still did not create a goal. 0-0 score was maintained until the end of the match.

Coming to the second half, the manager Nguyen Quang Ngoc entered the field at the same time but the more dangerous E1 was, the more overwhelmed in the M1 goal. In the 47th minute, with a small mistake, striker Van Cong unleashed a shot to open the score for the match against the surprise of your team, raising the score to 1-0. 50 minutes of the match, Duc Canh kicked off a powerful shot into the opponent's goal but unfortunately was not accurate. The last 5 minutes of the game, the seniors with great efforts to find a goal of equalizing, pushing the match into a penalty shootout but the lucky did not seem to smile at this team. A M1 foul made for E1, but E1 again failed to take advantage of the solid defense of the Mechanical team.


The strong counterattack came from the M1 guys

And the only goal of the match came shortly after that

The second half ended when the final whistle sounded, meaning that the gold cup and the warmth of spring had slipped away from the hands of the generals. The new owner of the 2019 SSC season has been officially named. The glory and warmth of spring once again touch the hearts of M1 guys. The closing ceremony and individual awarding ceremony also took place successfully with lots of love and attention from the audience, closing a colorful and meaningful season.

The bronze medal of the prize belongs to the M2 team

SSC football runner-up 2019: E1 team

The champion of the SSC tournament 2019: M1

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