Sigma Spring Cup 2019 football tournament officially opened


Spring came, with gentle steps, sprinkled with a little sun spread evenly across the alleys, thin like a silk, awakening thousands of things after months of hibernation. Spring, the nature of harmony, the space filled with full vitality, Sigma members are eager to rejoice and smiling. It could be the reason why the people of Sigma often wait for the spring as a good season of a fragrant grass and fluttered leaves. Letting go a little bit, listening to a spring’s voice, there will be a slight sound of a sprout and a new football tournament coming very close.

Annually, Sigma Spring Cup (SSC) is known as an annual football tournament which held in March in Sigma. This year, SSC 2019 continues to be held at Village Bang B Stadium - the place where each Sigma's footprint is created. With variety of great transfer deals before the season, this year's SSC promises to bring many surprises to fans.
On the afternoon of March 10, 2019, the first matches during the trip took place on the stadium of village B, with the participation of four teams from the E1, E2, E3, E4; Three teams M1, M2, M3 and bravery eagles from Safety Team.
The SSC 2019 football tournament officially opened at 13.30 p.m., but at 12.30 p.m., many spectators and fans were present at the Bang B Stadium to watch classic matches in the tournament.

With the cool weather, in which the smell of the spring wind, the atmosphere of the opening ceremony was warming up just after the footballers came to the stadium, the national flag fluttering in front of the wind, the national anthem eagerly resounds urging eight teams on the road of golden trophy.

Opening was a match between two predestined opponents owing to E1 and M1. It was considered as the two brightest seeds and the candidate for the championship, E1 - the owner of the SCL 2018 and M1 team - the king of the SSC 2018.

The first 10 minutes of the match is a lively competition and overwhelming display like an improvised piece of music of Electricals’ brother – E1 team. Duc Canh striker has made efforts to score after his team's foul, but the lucky god didn’t smile at this team. 5 minutes later, a small mistake of the E1 defense made this team regret when striker Cong Do was making a score for M1, officially raised the score to 1-0. It can be said that the boldness and danger of football took place on the field when in the 25th and 30th minute of the match, the M1's two strikers were injured and had to leave the field a few minutes later. Coming to the second half, E1 veterans constantly approached the opponent's goal to find the goal of leveling the score, but the effort didn’t turn into numbers. In the 43th minute, M1 once again proved itself as the leader of the Spring tournament when it continued to raise the squad, raising the score to 2-0. The second round of competition with tireless efforts, E1 had a goal to shorten the score 1-2. The idea of ​​continuing the excitement of E1 would find a goal but in a carless M1 pass, it made good use of extending the score to 3-1. E1 continued to chase when in a chaotic situation before the goal has shortened the score 2-3. However, due to a heightened search for equalizer, E1 reacted with a backlash when M1 raised the score to 4-2 at the last minute of the match. Losing three points right at the start of the game, E1 captain might have to reconsider the situation and change tactics if he wanted to keep going deep into the next round.
At the same time, there were two matches between E2, M2 and E3, M3. The right tactic helped M3 create the first goals into the net of the E3 team after only a few minutes when the opening whistle rang. In a spectacular thrust in the first half of the match, the player wearing M3's No. 17 shirt added a goal to raise the score to 3-0 with the surprise of E3 team. E3 fell into the match and conceded another goal to get the result 0-4 full of regret.

M3 and E3 team
During the first half on the opposite side of the field, the chase took place right from the early minutes, but no goal was scored for both E2 and M2. In the 46th minute of the second half, M2 excellently found their way into the opponent's net, raising the score to 1-0 for this team; but less than 10 minutes later, E2 immediately launched a response to level the 1-1 score. The two teams equally divided 1 point until the end of the match.
M2 and E2 team

Finally, the battle between the E4 horses and the eagle Safety. It can be said that, despite the young age, E4 strived to hold one of the aggressive teams like Safety. The captain of Safety team, although made a well tactics before the game, it still seems to be ineffective in this match. The match ended with 0-0 final score for the two teams.

Safety and E4
The opening matches of SSC 2019 have ended in surprises, suspense and tension. We are convinced that the ongoing development of the tournament will promote the growing mass sports movement, exercise movement to meet the demand and expectation of sports training of officers, engineers and create an atmosphere of lively competition, the spirit of exchange of learning, mutual understanding between officers and engineers in the company.

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