Officially opened the biggest football tournament of the year: Sigma Champions League 2018


Recently, when the Roosters bravely defeated the Balkan boys in Russia, and the men carrying Asia’s great lineage steadily sailed into the big ocean to carve its name in the top four teams in the Asiad 2018 tournament, at Bang B Stadium, the matches in the series of Sigma Champions League 2018 (SCL 2018) was exciting and engaging.

SCL 2018 football tournament officially started
SCL is held annually in September to create a playground, strengthen relationships, internal unity and promote the spirit of solidarity throughout the company. On September 16th 2018, Sigma employees in many projects across the country have been here, left behind the chaos of daily life to enjoy the great matches on Bang B stadium, expressing the spirit of “work hard, play hard”. Although Mangkhut was such a scary storm, it seems to have “temporarily stopped” to make room for the matches was going on here.
Eight teams with their own characteristics were clearly shown on Bang B stadium
With many new and promising faces, the players were divided into eight teams: E1, E2, E3, E4 and M1, M2, M3 and Safety, promising to create beautiful performances and full of dedication.

Eight teams celebrated the flag
Sigma conductor -  The General Director Mr. Nguyen Quang Ngoc delivered the speech in an opening ceremony of the tournament
The teams took the photos before entering the matches

The beginning of the match was between E1 and M1. E1 team always longed for victory, ready to confront the champions of SSC 2018 which was M1 team. To be considered as a veteran striker, E1 has shown a decisive play, ending quickly in each line. From the first minutes, the strikers repeatedly get close to the opponent and create a dangerous ball. However, the heat weather is somewhat harsh to affect the physical strength and vision of the players of the two teams, so no goals scored during the first match. Coming to the second half, E1 created the right tactics to master the match and find the way to the net. E1 team’s efforts finally paid off in the half of the second match when the striker Vinh Nam made a dangerous kick, the M1 team’s goalkeeper – Mr. Tuan Anh of M1 excelled in the first save situation but could not overcome the kick of Kien Thanh striker, the pitch seemed to be busted, 1-0 for E-1. With the goal clearing the deadlock, E1 confidently regulate the pace of the match with the mobile midfielders, resulting in goals scored to 2-0 from the full of power left foot shot of striker Tran Vinh Nam. In the final minutes of the match, the talented conductor of E1 - Mr. Nguyen Quang Ngoc had a precise standing position, setting the match score 3-0 in favor of E1.


Opening battle between E1 and M1

The fierce dispute between E1 and M1
Perhaps, the confrontation between the SSC 2018 champion and the “seasoned veterans” is not over yet, promising to create exciting happenings in the next series.
Besides, there were two matches between E2 and M2; E3 and M3 happened at the same time. M2 team knew that physical strength was not their strong point but with their relentless feet and speed as a wind, it could help Mr. Dinh Thuong’ s team scored in the E2 net right from the first minutes. After that, M2 captain continued with a powerful shot to raise the score to 2-0. In the second half, the E2 striker's hit back with a shot in the opponent's goal to reduce the gap to 1-2. However, the defense of E2 did not keep up the province so that M2 continue to increase the score to 3-1. At the end of the game, E2 added 1 goal but still could not keep one point in the fixture list. The final score of 3-2 in favor of M2 is the result.

M2 and E2

M2 won E2 team in the opening match

In another situation, the Orange Cyclone M3 was also struggling with the boys from the E3 blue-yellow team. But the resistance was not enough to confront the "fast as an electric" of E3 player, the score immediately raised to 1-0. In the second half, another goal was scored for E3, fixing the score 2-0 and giving 3 points for E3.

At the same time was the encounter between E3 and M3

Does the lack of hot deal in the transfer has just made M3 team become weaker before a new player named E3?

The final battle was between the E4 “black horse” and the Red Imperial Guard - Safety. Had the victory over E1 team two weeks ago, and the pre-season transfer help Safety win this battle?


The final encounter in the opening match: E4 and Safety

Victory suddenly smiled to the “black horse"

As the youngest team against the rest, but with abundant human resources, E4 always find different ways to prove themselves. And the answer came in the first minutes of the game. Young, enthusiastic and devoted play gave its fans surprise when the E4 striker kicked a dangerous shot into the opponent's goal, opened the scoring for the match. Shortly after, the Reds goalkeeper continues to concede another goal, 2-0 as the score of the first half. Shortly after, the Reds goalkeeper continues to concede another goal, 2-0 as the score of the first half. In the second half, the runner-up of SCL 2017 has continued to raise the team to search for goals with the desire to bring back the one score on the table.  At the end of the two official matches, E4 successfully defeated the red guys to bring back three precious points.

The opening matches of SCL 2018 have ended in surprises, suspense and tension. We are convinced that the ongoing development of the tournament will promote the growing mass sports movement, exercise movement to meet the demand and expectation of sports training of officers, engineers and create an atmosphere of lively competition, the spirit of exchange of learning, mutual understanding between officers and engineers in the company.

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