Summary of the second round of the Sigma Champions League 2023


The second round of SCL 2023 is a round of extra time moments, incredibly dramatic moments for the audience at Bang B village football field. All 4 teams playing the first series of matches are 4 clubs that have spent 3 points on the opening day and are sharing the top position in the rankings, the 4 teams behind are the 4 clubs at the bottom of the rankings with empty hands on the opening day. This makes the 4 matches in round 2 merciless battles; any team that fails will be left behind in the temporary rankings after this round.

Playing in the first series of matches with pairs E1 - E3 on field number 1, and E2 - M3 on field number 2. Welcoming a young and enthusiastic E3 after a jubilant victory on the opening day, the E1 players proactively played slowly and probed the opponent. The first few minutes of play were balanced and not many opportunities were created for either side. After the first half of the first half without many opportunities to advance, the E1 players pushed the team to attack in search of the opening goal of the match. But with a tight and disciplined playing style and a team rich in fighting power, E3 players did not give E1 much space to play the ball or the opportunity to get close to the home team's goal. In a match where luck was not on the side of the E1 players as the ball continuously bounced off the post as well as the excellent blocking by the E3 goalkeeper, the match passed within the official minutes of both halves and neither side could find the other's net. It was thought that the match would end with an inconclusive result, in the final minutes of extra time, after a very good combination of kick-ins and an accurate kick, the ball flew straight into the top corner of the goal in the helplessness of the goalkeeper E3. The deadlock was broken at the last minute of the match, bringing 3 valuable points to the E1 players.

E1 brought home 3 valuable points before the encounter with E3
On field number 2, E2 faced off against M3 in a match that was considered evenly matched. A balanced match for both sides. E2 are the players who take advantage better with goals to take the lead. But M3 also showed their bravery like in the previous round, they calmly redeployed the game and found an equalizer right in the first half. The first half ended with a 1-1 draw for both sides. Entering the second half, with more spirit and bravery at the decisive moment, M3 once again created an emotional comeback with a goal that set the score 2-1 against E2, winning the entire match. 6 absolute points after 2 rounds and firmly in the top position of the SCL 2023 rankings.
M3 created a spectacular comeback to overcome E2 with a score of 2-1

The next series of matches witnessed the central battle, reuniting with the final match of SSOC 2023 between M1 - Safety on field number 1 and M&S - M2 on field number 2. On field number 1, the epic battle took place fiercely right from the first minutes of play. With a very strong force and determination to get points after losing on the opening day, it is not difficult to realize that the goal of both M1 and S is nothing more than 3 complete points. Starting the match with heavy rain did not dampen the spirit of the players, the attacking moves were deployed back and forth at very high speed across the field. Safety is the players who take better advantage of the opening goal in the final minutes of the first half, preserving their small advantage when entering the break. Entering the second half, the S players proactively played defense and gave the field to M1, which put the S goal on alert when M1 had very good strikers. Whatever happens must come, in a quick coordinated play, M1 suddenly scored an equalizer after a delicate heel strike from striker Kien Thanh. After the equalizing goal, the game returned to balance with the push of the S players. The match gradually drifted into the final minutes with impatience coming from both sides. Suddenly, during a counterattack at the end of the match, when they lost the ball, S's players had to receive a devastating blow from M1. The ball was brought to the bottom of the cross-field before S's defender fumbled the ball into his own net, scoring. The score increased to 2-1 for M1 and added extra time in the final hour, bringing 3 golden points to the eldest brother of the Mechanical teams.

M1 excellently overcame Safety with a score of 2-1

On field number 2, M&S and M2 offered the audience an open match with a rain of goals and an unbelievable chase for the score. Early leading with a score of 3-0 after the first half of the first half, thinking that there would be a victory and the first 3 points for M&S, thanks to the spirit of Vietnamese Japanese players not giving up. In the lineup, M2 scored consecutive goals to lead back to M&S with a score of 5-4. When the referee's clock reached the final minute of the match, many spectators thought about a classic comeback for M2, but the M&S players found a goal to equalize 5-5, ending the match. Too many emotions for both sides. Leaving with the same point in hand, there are still regrets for both clubs, but these are the first scores and an acceptable result for both clubs.
M&S and M2 closed round 2 with a rain of goals

Below are detailed results of round 2 matches, detailed rankings and schedule of round 3 of SCL 2023:

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