Sigma Champions League 2023 football tournament officially launches


Time is like a train rolling non-stop. It was just September. More than half of the year has passed, and soon the old year ends. Living in the middle of September, the hearts of Sigma people always feel wistful, and unspeakably excited because the biggest, most prestigious, and dramatic sport’s tournament of the year is about to take place.

As scheduled again, the Sigma Champions League (SCL) 2023 football tournament has officially returned - an indispensable spiritual dish, creating a special culture called Sigma. Thanks to that, Sigma players can live with their own egos, and the fire of passion in each striker's heart burns again, shining brightly in the middle of autumn days.

The tournament continues to be held at Lang Bang B Stadium - a place filled with the footprints and memories of each Sigma member. With strong pre-season transfers, matches within SCL 2023 promise to bring fans many surprises.

On the afternoon of September 10, 2023, the first matches in the first leg took place at Bang B village stadium, with a round-robin format with the participation of 8 teams: E1, E2, E3, Maintenance (M&S) and: M1, M2, M3 and Safety (S). This year's tournament has an added highlight with the participation of many top veteran strikers from the land of the rising sun - Japan.

The SCL 2023 football tournament officially opened at 1:30 p.m., however, just after 12:30 p.m., many spectators and fans were present at Lang Bang B Stadium to watch classic matches within the framework of the tournament.

The raindrops right at the flag-raising ceremony created a memorable moment, making the air cool, fresh and renewed, and soothing away the blazing sunny days. The eloquent National Anthem sounded as if urging the eight teams to quickly enter the match.

Speaking at the opening of the SCL 2023 tournament, General Director Nguyen Quang Ngoc shared emotional thoughts with the players and fans. In the context of a difficult economy and businesses in the construction sector facing many challenges, Sigma has recruited and supplemented a team of young engineers for the company's next stage of development. Thanks to that, Sigma's football teams participating in this tournament were also supplemented with a strong force of young, professional players from faculty and school teams of many major universities across the country. This tournament promises to create many surprising elements, igniting the fire of passion in the hearts of every good player.


The flag-raising ceremony of SCL 2023 tournament

Mr. Nguyen Quang Ngoc - General Director of the company gave the opening speech of the tournament


The teams took the photos before entering the matches

The opening match of SCL-2023 between E1 and M1 truly brought a remarkable performance because of the familiar and charming confrontation between the two older brothers, the Mechanical group, and the Electrical group. Just as the fans expected, the opening whistle sounded, and both clubs deployed their familiar attacking style, fiercely competing for each position on the field. The tit-for-tat shots were continuously responded to by both, concentration and certainty were given top priority. Thinking that the first half would end with an inconclusive result, the white shirt team immediately added a foreign player in the last minutes of the first half. In a quick counterattack, the E1 players took the lead with a shot from player Tran Vinh Nam. Entering the halftime break with a 1-goal lead for E1.


E1 won convincingly 3-0 on the opening day

In the second half, E1, with the goal advantage, proactively ceded the field and the game to M1, switching to a strong counter-attacking defensive style of play. This strategy worked well for E1 when the M1 players could not find an equalizer and had to concede 2 more goals from the E1 strikers. The match ended with a score of 3-0 in favor of E1, boosting the spirit of the Electrical teams in the following series.

In the second series, there was a confrontation between M&S - M3 on field number 1 and E2 - Safety on field number 2. On field number 1, M&S, with a big change this season, entered the match very excitedly and scored the opening goal very early, right in the 2nd minute of the match. Excited after the goal, M&S players played focused and did not hesitate to play doubles with M3, the team that M&S lost a few months ago with the score of a tennis match. Facing an M&S team full of determination and high spirit after the opening goal, the M3 players did not have an easy chance to find the equalizing goal, and the first half ended with the score 1-0 in favor of M&S. Entering the second half, with the necessary play style and concentration, M&S players caused many difficulties for M3. As the match progressed to the final minutes and many people were thinking about the score for M&S, suddenly in a chaotic ball phase in the penalty area, the ball hit the feet of many players before landing in M&S's goal and the goal. won and equalized 1-1 for M3. Relieving the pressure with the equalizing goal, M3 players pushed their team forward to attack and scored the second goal in the last minutes, completing an emotional comeback against M&S. Although they lost this match, with what M&S showed on the opening day, they promised to be a very interesting team and not "paving the way" like previous seasons.


M&S regretfully lost points to M3 players
On field number 2, S welcomed E2 with the force lacking a few pillars due to health problems. E2 is the club with the highest average age in the tournament with players who have a lot of playing experience and always cause difficulties for any club. The first half took place with a balanced game for both clubs but lacking the aftertaste of a goal, the 0-0 draw accurately reflected the situation of the first half. In the second half, the match only really exploded with the opening goal at the beginning of the second half for E2. Receiving the defeat, the S players raised their squad high and flooded the opponent's field in search of an equalizing goal, and the result was a 1-1 equalizer a few minutes later. The spirit was high after the goal, The S players continued to push the team to attack, but due to negligence and leaving too much space in the home field, S received 2 quick goals in a row. What the S players did in the remaining time of the match was just a goal to shorten the score to 2-3 before letting E2 score one more goal to seal the final 4-2 victory in the final minutes of the match.

E2 won convincingly 4-2 against the Red guys

In the last series of matches in the opening round, E3 welcomed M2 on field number 1. Inspired by the spirit of the two preceding teams, E3 entered the game enthusiastically and soon scored an opening goal in the first minutes of the match. Having an early goal raised morale, E3 players continued to score a second goal and led M2 with a score of 2-0 in the first 15 minutes of play. After the second goal, E3 proactively played slowly and gave the game to M2 players to preserve the score. The first half ended with a huge 2-0 advantage for the E3 players. In the second half, M2 was the team that had to raise their squad in search of a goal to shorten the score. The two teams played tight and tight and not many clear opportunities were created. Suddenly in a high ball, the Japanese player had a beautiful high jump and header, shortening the score to 1-2 for M2. Awakened after the loss and determined to win all 3 points on the opening day, E3 pushed their offensive line up and pressed their opponents to their home field. They finally did what they needed, which was to score a goal to seal the score 3-1 against M2, completing the Hattrick of victories on the opening day for all 3 Electrical football teams.

E3 completed the winning Hattrick of 3 Electric teams against M2
The opening match of the SCL 2023 tournament ended with many surprises, suspense, and tension. We believe that the continuous development of the Tournament will promote the mass sport’s movement and health training movement, meeting the needs and aspirations of officials and engineers throughout Sigma Company, and creating a vibrant competitive atmosphere, a spirit of exchange, learning, and mutual understanding between officers and engineers of the company.

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