Summary of developments and results of the 11th round of the SCL 2023 football tournament


The 11th round of Sigma Champions League 2023 has passed with favorable results for the top teams, the top separation has been clearly shown on the rankings. With only 3 more rounds left on the schedule, each match of the current clubs is no different from a final, just one mistake can change the situation and the outcome of the whole journey from the top of the tournament. Below is the progress of the matches in round 11 of SCL 2023.

Opening round 11 is a series of matches that are considered easy and without many surprises with the matches E1 - M2 on field number 1 and M&S - M1 on field number 2. On field number 1, with performance and an impressive series of wins in recent rounds, E1 is the team that is most appreciated and entered the match against M2 with the determination to win all 3 points. Overwhelming in terms of position and high determination with consecutive goals, the E1 players scored the opening goal very early. Maintaining the offensive posture, but with the ungainliness of the strikers, dangerous opportunities were unfortunately missed by the E1 strikers. M2 also showed that their victory in the previous round was not due to luck. They calmly resolved E1's attacks and took advantage of mistakes in the opponent's defense very well. The surprising 1-1 equalizer at the end of the first half was a direct blow to the excited spirit of the E1 players. Entering the break, the E1 boss had to shock the spirit and playing style of the E1 players if they did not want to go back to the mistakes of M1 in the previous round. In the second half, shocked by the team and spirit after being forced to score, E1 players proactively played more firmly on the defensive front, not allowing M2 a chance to bring the ball close to the home team's goal. On the offensive front, by making good use of the opportunities, E1 scored 3 more goals to end the match with a final 4-1 victory, continuing to maintain the No. 1 position on the SCL rankings in 2023.  

E1 excellently overcame M2 with a score of 4-1

On field number 2, having gone through the previous 2 rounds with poor performance and no points, meeting M&S in this round is a great opportunity for M1 to regain the feeling of victory as well as the necessary points to maintain a position at the top of the rankings. M1 players' determination was concretized with the opening goal to take the lead. Despite facing fierce resistance from M&S with a goal to equalize 1-1, in the following minutes, M1 players had 2 consecutive goals to end the first half with a 3-1 lead. Entering the second half, proactively choosing a solid playing style, and maintaining an attacking stance, it was not difficult for M1 players to score more goals and close the match with a score of 6-2, winning all 3 points and maintaining a safe position in the top of the rankings.

In series number 2, there are 2 key matches, 2 matches considered "6 points" between M3 - Safety on field number 1 and E2 - E3 on field number 2. On field number 1, S welcomes M3 in a series of impressive performances in the last 6 rounds, they are unbeaten, and if they win this match, they will surpass M3 on the rankings. With a clear goal, the S players entered the game with enthusiasm in front of M3. The match was tense right from the first minutes of play with collision situations and very fierce tackles from both teams. The dangerous attacks towards the goal of both sides have not been shown much and were shredded by foul situations. The first half of the match passed with a 0-0 draw, with no victory or defeat for both clubs. After the halftime break, the two teams continued to maintain the same tactics as in the first half with a solid defensive style, not revealing many loopholes for the opponent to exploit. Halfway through the official second half, the match still lacked the aftertaste of a goal. Many spectators were thinking of a draw for both clubs when suddenly, during a defensive play by M3, the ball came to the feet of the S striker in a position facing the goalkeeper and made good use of the rare opportunity. Safety scored the opening goal 1-0. At this point, the M3 players raised their squad high in search of an equalizing goal. But the low-lying formation actively defended very firmly, combined with sharp counterattacks, which helped S stand firm with consecutive stops from M3 and make good use of a counterattack to get his second goal in the final minutes of the match, completing a hard-fought but worthy 2-0 victory over M3.


M3 had to surrender to Safety with a score of 0-2

On the neighboring field, the internal battle between electric brothers E2 - E3 is considered an even contest, and it is difficult to determine the outcome. E3 with many young players were better players and the opening goal in the middle of the first half was a worthy result for the attacking efforts of the blue team. The 1-goal gap was maintained until the end of the first half with a slight advantage belonging to the E3 players. Entering the second half, with the advantage of leading, the E3 players proactively played slowly, reducing the pace of attacks from the E2 players, while at the same time, the defense was solid, waiting for mistakes from the opponent to organize counterattacks. One of those situations was concretized by a goal that increased the score to 2-0 for E3 Club. Opportunities passed one by one before the shoes of the E2 strikers, but they still could not find a goal to shorten the gap, the match drifted to the final minutes of official competition with impatience by the E2 strikers. When the referee looked at the clock and signaled extra time, E2 suddenly scored a goal to shorten the gap to 1-2. Hope was rekindled, E2 players pushed the entire squad to the opponent's field and the unexpected happened, they found an equalizer right after. Two goals within 2 minutes brought E2 back from the dead, regaining 1 valuable point to join S and M3 in continuing the exciting race at SCL-2023.

The confrontation between E2 - E3 ended in a draw with a score of 2-2

Below are detailed results of round 11 matches, standings, and schedule for round 12 of the SCL 2023 football tournament:


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