Sigma Champions League 2022 officially opened


So, after 2 years of "freezing" due to the epidemic, the Sigma Champions League (SCL) 2022 football tournament has officially returned - an indispensable spiritual food, creating a special culture called Sigma. Thanks to that, Sigma players can live with their own egos, and the fire of passion in each striker's heart flares up again, shining brightly on the autumn days.

The tournament continued to be held at Lang Bang B Stadium - where the footprints and memories of each Sigma person are imprinted. With a strong pre-season transfer, the matches in the framework of SCL 2022 promise to bring fans many surprises.
On the afternoon of September 11, 2022, the first matches in the first leg took place at Bang B village stadium, with the participation of 8 teams, divided into 2 groups including group A: E1, E2, E3, Maintenance (M&S) and group B: M1, M2, M3 and Safety (S). This year's tournament is much more special because it has the participation of top veteran strikers from the country of the rising sun - Japan.

The SCL 2022 football tournament was officially opened at 13:30, but right from 12:30 pm, many spectators and fans were present at Lang Bang B Stadium to watch the classic matches within the framework of the tournament.

With the cool weather, the atmosphere of the opening match became more and more heated right after the players went to the field, the eloquent national anthem sounded like urging eight teams to quickly enter the match.



Flag raising ceremony of SCL 2022 tournament

Mr. Nguyen Quang Ngoc - General Director of the company gave the opening speech of the tournament

Player Duong Van Hoan read the oath



Eight teams took the photos before entering the match

The main match of the tournament: M1 - E1
The opening series took place between two rivalries, the two eldest brothers representing two opposing sides of Mechanical - Electrical: M1 and E1. Right from the first minutes of the game, the fierceness was shown through each phase of the ball, the players disputed every meter of grass on the field, and a tense, tight, and tight match was shown between the two teams. Opportunities are created equally for both sides. Surprised by a situation on the edge, starting from the left-back position of player Tran Vinh Nam with a delicate poke and an intelligent run, and a delicate finish from Ta Duc Canh, E1 kicked with a goal to open the score 1-0 against M1. The M1 players kept their spirit, calmly shocked, changed their shape, and deployed the game to find an equalizer. In a sharp counterattack, player Truong Duc Dat had a 1-1 equalizer for M1 players. The first half ended with a score of 1-1 for the two clubs. Entering the second half, with the competition under the hot weather of 35˚C, accompanied by a very tight match, the players of E1 and M1 were physically down, missing their scoring opportunities. The match ended with a 1-1 aggregate draw, an acceptable result for both clubs on an opening day.


The match ended in a 1-1 draw
The second series of matches of the opening day took place on both courts with matches E2-M2 on field 1 and E3-Safety on field 2. On field number 1, E2 had a goal to open the score 1-0 early. But with the additional force of new quality players that are not easy to subdue, M2 had a very quick equalizer from player Tran Dinh Thuong. The match took place with an attractive double attack, before the final whistle sounded, each team had one more goal, ended the match with the final score of 2-2, adding another inconclusive confrontation between Mechanical and Electrical.

The match E2 - M2 also ended with an inconclusive score of 2-2
On the 2nd field, the Safety players showed the strength of the defending champion of the tournament, they dominated the E3 players and quickly got themselves 2 goals before the end of the first half. Entering the second half, with a 2-0 lead, Safety actively gave up the game to E3 to keep the players strong for the upcoming long-distance race. The final score was Safety 3-1 E3, an easy win for the defending tournament champion.
Safety team easily overcame E3 with a score of 3-1
The final series of matches of the opening day took place between M3 - M&S. M&S Club brought to the tournament a striking pink outfit with the thought of "changing clothes for the new season". But on the opposite side, M3 with the strength of a young and enthusiastic new squad opened the match could not be easier with 2 rapid goals against M&S. Although soon after that, the M&S players had a plan to shorten the score 1-2, M3 like an orange whirlwind swept away the opponent, they easily scored 4 more goals to end the match with a score of 1-2. 6-1 with the leading position in the rankings after round 1. M&S will have to shock the squad and spirit for the long journey of the upcoming SCL 2022.

The opening match of the SCL 2022 tournament ended with many surprises, suspense, and tension. We believe that the continuous development of the Tournament will promote the mass sports movement, and the health training movement, and meet the needs and aspirations of officials and engineers in the whole country. Sigma Company creates an atmosphere of exciting competition, the spirit of exchange, learning, and mutual understanding between the company's officers and engineers.

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