Sigma officially opened the Sigma Spring Open Cup 2024 football tournament


In contrast to the coldness of winter, spring brings us warm sunny days, along with the opportunity to show off our talent and solidarity through top matches. In the joyful atmosphere when heaven and earth put on new colors, the annual event of Sigma Engineering Joint Stock Company officially took place called Sigma Spring Open Cup (SSOC) 2024.

SSOC is not simply a spring football tournament but also a playground that demonstrates the spirit of solidarity and attachment of company members, containing a "very Sigma" culture that is not found anywhere else. This is also an opportunity for each member to cooperate and interact with each other outside of the daily work environment, thereby creating a more positive and cohesive working atmosphere. From different departments and divisions, thanks to the fiery soccer matches, everyone seems to be closer together, showing off their skills, sharpness in every ball, and courageous team spirit. The field becomes a party of emotions, from the excitement of scoring to the tension in the final minutes of the match.

This year's spring tournament continues to affirm the growth of the sports movement throughout the Company as well as demonstrate the spirit of hospitality to partners and friends - Yurtec Vietnam has become a very popular meaningful and useful activity, becoming a great sports tournament for each member of the Company.

The spring love song was officially sung on March 10, 2024, at Lang Bang B Stadium, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai, Hanoi. This year's tournament still brings together the super products of 2 teams from Yurtec Vietnam Co., Ltd., with a total of 10 participating teams: E1, E2, E3, MS, M1, M2, M3, Safety, Y – M, and Y – E. With strong pre-season transfers, matches within SSOC 2024 promise to bring fans many surprises.

The SSOC 2024 football tournament officially opened at 1:15 p.m. However, just after 12:30 a.m., many spectators and fans gathered at Lang Bang B Stadium to watch classic matches in the tournament.

The atmosphere of the opening match became increasingly heated right after the players checked into the field, the National flag fluttered in the wind, and The National Anthem sounded eloquent, urging the ten teams to quickly enter the match.

SSOC 2024 flag raising ceremony

Mr. Nguyen Quang Ngoc - General Director of the Company gave the opening speech of the tournament

The teams took photos before entering the match

Opening the SSOC 2024 tournament is the confrontation between M1 and Yurtec Electrical (Y-E). The big brother of the Mechanical group took to the field with the fiery spirit of the defending champions. Although there has been a big change in force, the M1 players still retain their familiar playing style and attacking identity with Y-E players continuously hitting the ball towards the goal. And whatever comes, the opening goal came very early for the M1 players. Continuing the excitement, M1 scored consecutive goals to close the first half with a difference of 5 goals against Y-E players. Entering the second half, M1 players proactively played slowly, giving the game to their opponents to keep the main players. With the determination to find a goal to shorten the score and be mentally refreshed after the break, Y-E found a way into the M1 goal with an honorable goal at the end of the second half. The match ended with a score of 5-1 in favor of the M1 players, a strong affirmation of the strength of the person holding the throne.

The match ended with a 5-1 victory for M1

The second series of matches took place with the pairs E1 meeting Yurtec Mechanical (Y-M) on field number 1, and S meeting M&S on field number 2. E1 players are the ones who actively take control of the game, holding the ball more with the ball moving to both sides to stretch the opponent's team and test Y-M's strength. After the first minutes of testing each other, both teams began their familiar attacks. The balance of the match was only broken at the end of the first half, after a very quick flash of opportunity by player E1, closing the first half with the leading goal belonging to E1. Entering the second half, the change in strategy after the break with pressing right from the opponent's home field by Y-M players confused the E1 players in deploying the game. On the other hand, they created 2 consecutive face-to-face opportunities. If they had been more accurate in these situations, Y-M would have found the goal to equalize the score. Standing firm after a difficult time at the beginning of the second half, E1 found a goal to increase the gap after a surprisingly quick and electric heel strike from striker Nguyen Quang Ngoc. Feeling at ease after the second goal, the E1 players felt like they were relieved of pressure and freely redeployed their familiar attacking style of play. On the other side of the front line, not being able to maintain their physical strength after continuous pressing caused Y-M players to lose their position in the game and to concede more goals immediately afterward. The match ended with a score of 6-0 in favor of the E1 players.


E1 excellently overcame Y-M with a score of 6-0

On field number 2, S welcomed M&S with a comfortable mentality as this is considered an easy opponent for S in recent seasons. But the developments on the field showed the remarkable progress of M&S as they caused many difficulties for the S players, an attractive score chase was created by both clubs at Bang B village stadium. Despite letting the S players lead with a difference of 2 goals after the first half, after entering the break, M&S was determined to put the team on the attack and scored 2 consecutive goals, equalizing the score 2-2 to the surprise of their opponents. If they were lucky and more accurate in the following minutes, M&S players could have taken the lead after unfortunate misses. Not losing points on the first day of the match, S's youth was shown at the right time in the final moments of the match, they scored 2 consecutive goals and destroyed M&S's will, bringing home 3 tough points on the opening day. With what was shown before S, M&S also showed a completely new and promising face in this year's football season.


Safety overtook M&S with great difficulty

In the third series of matches, there are fateful confrontations between E3-M3 on field number 1 and E2-M2 on field number 2. On field number 1, M3 is full of confidence in welcoming E3 when the squad has A major addition with a series of blockbuster transfers activated since the beginning of the season. The M3 players were the better players in the first period with consecutive ball stops towards E3. In a sideline attack from M3, the huge pressure caused the E3 defender to fumble the ball into his net. But the joy did not last long for M3, the E3 players with a coordinated attack situation like pitch 11, then crossed the ball from the sideline and a very accurate header brought the goal to equalize 1-1. The two teams were undefeated after the end of the first round. Entering the second half, M3, keeping the same lineup as the first half, still took the initiative in attacking the game in search of a goal to advance against E3. After consecutive shots and taking advantage of the opponent's mistakes, M3 once again scored a goal to take a 2-1 lead. It was thought that this goal would relieve the mind and bring the match to a more playable position for M3 players, but with its people, E3 refused to lose. The E3 players pushed their squad to attack with the determination to get points on the opening day and the result they achieved was a successful penalty kick in the final minutes of the match, bringing about a dramatic draw against a very strong opponent M3.


E3 - M3 both brought home 1 point after the opening match

In stadium number 2, the lucky draw once again brought the E2 players to face M2, a very difficult opponent in recent seasons. What is shown on the field proves this. Although M2 has a position that does not overwhelm their opponents, they are still the ones who know how to take advantage of opportunities better, and one of them was concretized by the M2 players with a goal to take the lead and maintain that advantage in the first half. In the second half, the team advanced but could not find an equalizing goal, E2 had to concede a second goal after a mistake by the defense. With a 2-goal lead, M2 players proactively played defense and ceded the game to their opponents. All E2 could do was score a goal to shorten the score in the following minutes, accepting the loss and not being able to repay the debt to M2 players.
M2 defeated E2 to bring home the first 3 points
The opening match of the SSOC 2024 tournament ended with many surprises, suspense, and tension. We believe that the continuous development of the tournament will promote the mass sports movement and health training movement, meeting the physical training and sports aspirations of officers and engineers throughout Sigma Company and creating a vibrant competitive atmosphere, a spirit of exchange, learning, and mutual understanding between officers and engineers of Sigma Company and create a vibrant competitive atmosphere, a spirit of exchange, learning, and mutual understanding among the company's officers and engineers.
Below are detailed results after the opening match of the SSOC 2024 tournament:

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