The Final Round of Sigma Champions League 2019: A graceful meeting between the Big brother of Electrical Team and the Red Imperial Guard


The warmth of spring is coming very close. Every corner of the street, each of us can clearly feel the fullness of spring, with all the gifts of the Spring Beauty. At Sigma sites across the country, the spirit of joy, the excitement before the New Year as additional motivation for each Sigma people. Amidst the joyful atmosphere, the final round of the Sigma Champions League (SCL) 2019 took place attractively and delightfully, as well as finding the new owner of the season: The Safety team.

Officially starting from September 15, 2019 to this time, after more than 3 months of exciting competition, it can be said that the SCL 2019 football tournament has been a great success. Eight teams of more than 200 engineers from the company's projects have gone through 56 drastic matches with many beautiful performances, thrilling situations and impressive goals. On December 29, 2019, it marks another milestone in Sigma football history, when the last matches of the SCL football tournament closed and the gold cup officially found its owner.
Opening was the 5th prize competition between two rivals E3 and M2. The first two minutes of the match, M2 proved to be the most dominant player when repeatedly staggering the goalkeeper, but no goal was scored. The physical strength still belongs to E3 team even more when the strikers of this team moved more agile and more smoothly. During the first 15 minutes of the match, consecutive disputes occurred but still not turned into numbers. In the middle of the first half, the No.18 midfielder of the M2 Team launched a dangerous shot, but the blue team goalkeeper quickly made a save and kept a clean sheet. The first half ended when no goal was scored.
M2 surpassed E3 with the score: 2-0
In the middle of the second half, in mistake of the rival, the player wearing No. 8 shirt of the Green Yellow team had the first goal to open the score for the game, bringing the advantage for the M2 team. 63 minutes of the match, the manager of the M2 team once again increased the score to 2-0 for the match. This ratio was maintained until the end of the match, M2 officially brought to the 5th prize of the tournament.

The battle for the 7th prize: M&S & M3
On the opposite side of the field, there was a 7th prize competition between M&S and M3. As one of the youngest teams in the tournament but M&S Team did not flinch. In the first minutes of the first half, they were the most dominant team, constantly overwhelming the opponent's goal. The efforts turned into results when the 13th minute, the black striker took down the M3 goalkeeper to open the precious goal, raising the score to 1-0. But not long after that, with his experience, M3 has strongly launched a response to balance the score 1-1.
The first and only win helped M&S rise to 7th place
The second half took place full of thrill when both teams had an impromptu performance to make the score 2-2. In the last minutes of the match, during a quick kick-off, M&S had a dangerous knock-out, bringing the score to 3-2. At the end of the match, M&S broke into emotion when winning the first victory of the season, in the most important moment that brought them to 7th place in the rankings. This is not a bad result after the failures they suffered in the group stage.

M1 & E2 participated in the bronze medal competition
Next was the bronze medal competition between M1 and E2. Struggling to win the ticket to play the final, the M1 team seemed to be devoted in this match to bring back the medal of the tournament. In the first half, M1 had a dangerous goal, hitting a column along with the goalkeeper that made the opponent "startled". In the 23rd minute, E2 stepped up on the right, Mr. Dang Hai took advantage of goalkeeper Minh Tuan's loophole to score the first goal of the match. 30 minutes, midfielder Van Cong missed the precious opportunity when directly facing the opponent goalkeeper. The first half passed when no goals were scored.

M1 won E2 after penalty shootout
After a discussion, the coach of the two teams changed their tactics to turn the game into numbers. In the 54th minute, the crossbar once again denied the dangerous shot of striker Van Cong. With 62 minutes played, the M1's 9th striker shot up fiercely but still couldn't get past the keeper. In the second half, each team brought 1 goal and continued to push the match into a balanced position.
M1 - The owner of the bronze medal of SCL 2019
The two official rounds went through undefeated. The two teams entered the shootout. E2 suffered a loss of 3-4. M1 is the owner of the bronze medal of the tournament.

Most notably, the graceful reunion between the big brother of Electrical Team and the Red Imperial Guard. So far, it always the beautiful performances, giving fans the feeling of completeness.

E1 and Safety team walked into the yard to raise the flag
The dispute broke out right from the start of the match with a free-kick from the player Tran Van An. However, the ball did not get past the keeper. The rhythmic coordination between the senior generals made them always the more possession of the ball. 12 minutes into the match, the red shirt team had a powerful shot, but it lacked precision to make the ball go over the crossbar. The tempo of the match was pushed very high, attracting the absolute concentration from the fans. Known to be the new element, Safety's "gatekeeper" of outstanding height, with precise technique, is the candidate for the "golden glove of the tournament" that successfully blocked dangerous balls from E1 side. Tran Van An, the bright star of E1 is always the "nightmare" of any team that encounters the old generals. The first half officially ended, the confrontation between " Tweedledum and Tweedledee" has not ended.

Safety won a convincing victory against the Electrical big brother with the score 1-0
In the second half, the determination of the Red football team was pushed to the extreme. They competed with 200% of their strength with the desire to defeat the old generals. 60 minutes passed and no goal was scored yet. Bui Van Dinh - Safety keeper constantly has the ball to catch the ball, saving the red shirt team. In a quick kick in the last minute of the match, Duc Thanh striker of the red shirt suddenly took advantage of your team's loophole, opening the first and only goal of the match. 

To be known as the "unbeaten" team in the group stage, but in the decisive and historic moment - E1 missed a regretful way.
Safety - the team was underestimated, but the game showed a solid playing style, just like what The Foxes - "Leicester City" has shown in the Premier League before.


E1 - The team won the SCL 2019 silver medal

Safety Team wins first SCL 2019 football gold in 10 years
The SCL 2019 football tournament was closed when the owner of the prestigious gold cup was officially named: Safety Team. At the same time, the closing ceremony and individual award also took place successfully with lots of affection and attention from the audience, closing a colorful and meaningful season.

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